Love is a Thorn
Love has been described many different ways in history
But what it really is is a mystery
U wonder to yourself is this person feelin me
are we together or not we need a title officially
it's a romantic thing when roses are delivered
beautiful in bloom but ugly when they are withered
so u disregard til the next dozen
that will represent your partners loving
same thing happens again and your dozens decrease over time
you see other roses and ask where is mine
when u had them u didn't appreciate em
loved em at 1st then grew to hate em
same as we do to each other when attraction fades
love is supposed to be timeless but it leaves with age
so quick to start a new chapter and turn the page
so blind to notice that the grass is not greener on the other side
but u pay no attention and stay trying to find
what was already there if u looked hard enough
all beautiful roses will end up looking rough
if u paid attention the most beautiful one has thorns
and they still will be there when the petals are worn
Love is unconditional it's a feeling in your heart
what is the only part u can feel from a rose that is bought?
the thorns
love hurts.........appreciate the good with the bad
so next time u get roses and they pass away
recognize there were thorns from the 1st day
and u still loved em and they haven't lost what they represented
just cuz they have wilted