Sunday, February 13, 2011


I'm sorry to inform my fans my debut Itunes digital release will not be out on Valentines Day like I aimed for because I thought dealing with Reverbnation and paying the fees for your release U can put it out when u want to but it doesn't work like that there are weeks and weeks u have to wait til everything is submitted to the digital retailers. Instead of taking this as a great negative I will turn this into something positive I WILL NOT BE STOPPED and BLACK FRIDAYS are coming I will release a song EVERY FRIDAY until my release is cleared and available to everyone,

Chance Jolivette


  1. Sorry to hear that. But on the upside, you get to promote it more. Maybe you can even do a video for one or two of the songs. ^_^

  2. yeah I'm gonna try to do some stuff like that soon, thanks